Have you ever had a sudden financing need arise for which you had to liquidate an asset? Did you get a less than perfect price for the quick sale of the asset? Well, business cash flows and cash needs do not always match. To get corporates and entrepreneurs get over these rough patches we have the perfect facility. A Secured Overdraft.

An overdraft facility is a flexible, cost-effective short-term borrowing facility and an excellent way to help you manage unforeseen expenses. NFL provides Secured Overdraft to both corporate clients and to individuals. The security that we require from the applicants for availing this overdraft is Fixed Deposit. The Fixed deposit should be with NFL.

It’s just perfect because you get:

  • Credit that is cost-effective.
    An overdraft is a cost-effective borrowing facility, as the interest rate is linked to the FD and calculated annually.

  • Easy access to your money.
    You have access to your overdraft at any time, putting you in charge of how much and where you spend your money.

  • Flexible repayment options
    There is no minimum repayment term. But remember, the quicker you clear your overdraft, the more you will save on interest.

  • Simple documentation:
    We require very simple documentation for this facility.

  • Quick processing:
    Since this is a secured facility we can process your application within 2 working days, provided the security is already opened with NFL and the and the application has been filled in correctly.

  • How do you apply?
    Just call or visit us at our offices at Unique Trade Center (Level 10), 8 Panthapath Dhaka-1215. We will be happy to help you thewith your application. More over, you save a trip collect the application form by downloading the form  from the panel on the left. Just click on the "Download Form" button and you will be taken to the page where the form is.


Interested to avail a Overdraft facility with NFL?  Please click on the "Download Forms" link on the left panel of the screen to get the necessary forms.



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