September 25,2020

Millionaire Deposit Scheme

To encourage long term deposits from customers, the NFL has launched a new deposit product called NFL Millionaire Deposit Scheme at competitive rates. The NFL Millionaire Deposit Scheme is designed to meet customer demand for a deposit which meets a predetermined target amount.

Comparative chart of different periods:


Period in Year Monthly Installment
13,700 12,810 6,790 4850
4 years 9 Month 10,00,000      
5   10,00,000    
8     10,00,000  
10       10,00,000
  • The amount of monthly deposit is to be made within 10 day of every month;
  • In case of default of monthly deposit in any month, deposit may be made with the deposit of the following month
  • In case of default of monthly deposit thrice during the deposit term, the A/C will be closed automatically
  • Penal Interest will be impose for per Deafult deposit @5% of Installment amount
  • Tax will be deducted at source as per income Tax regulations.


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