December 01,2021

Triple Crown

Triple your savings
Best news you ever heard :
In this day and age of risky investments and unlimited losses in equity markets, you need a safe haven for your assets. NFL gives you both safety and high return on your investment. Your money will be tripled in 10 years 8 months. Have you ever heard better news

Features :

Duration : 10 years 8 months.
Minimum deposit:Taka 100,000.00 or its multiple.

  • Full amount of deposit will be returned to you at the end of term.
  • You can open more than one account in your name.
  • Non-renewable, new deal has to opened at the completion of present one.
  • You cannot prematurely encash before 1 year.
  • Loan facility is available against deposit.
  • Maximum of 90% of deposit can be availed as loan.
  • 10% at source tax will be deducted from the interest component of the final proceeds.
  • Nominee(s) required for the account.


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